New Recipe added! (Hiyashi Chuka / Cold Noodles)
22 April

    We’ve added a new recipe perfect for warmer seasons / climates; Hiyashi Chuka!  You can check out the

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Nitamago recipe added!
25 April

Please check out Nitamago recipe under Japanese soup base/ Dashi.  Click the link below Sobatsuyu Japanese soup base (blue bottle).

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Our New Website has been Launched!
4 December

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our new  website We are very proud to present our new

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Tan Tan Men Recipe Added
12 October

Tan Tan Men recipe added.  Please follow the link.

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Tomato Ramen Recipe Added!
18 March

Tomato Ramen Recipe added.  Follow link.  Syantan Base EX  

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Clam Chowder recipe Added.
18 September

Please check out clam chowder recipe under Syantan.  Click the link below Syantan Base EX

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Char Siu (Cooked Pork) recipe added!
19 June

Click the link below. Shoyu Ramen Soup EX

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Shrimp Fried Rice recipe added!
19 June

Follow the link below for shrimp fried rice recipe. Syantan Base EX

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Factory image has been changed with updated information.
14 May

Please check out our contract manufacturing page with updated information. For further questions, please contact us anytime.

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